• Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island

    Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island

  • Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island
  • Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island
  • Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island
  • Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island
  • Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island

Senesothxeune – Khong & Khone Island

Facing the Mekong River in the tranquil environment of Don Khong, Senesothxeune Hotel is the island’s modern property and a homely accommodation option in the laid back atmosphere of the 4000 Island archipelago.

The property is ideally situated amongst evergreen gardens, tropical plants and trees. Don Khong's peaceful outlook and laid back atmosphere is seamlessly reflected here and will further accommodate those looking for a mind clearing and relaxing time in Southern Laos.

Senesothxeune Hotel mixes warm and bright colors on their bed sheets and linen fabric with pure white walls and curtains along with pure wooden furniture, creating a warm and intimate ambiance upon walking in. Large windows reveal the nice garden environment outside. Each guestroom also includes a private balcony for guests to soothe in the refreshing and laid back Southern Lao air and atmosphere. All rooms are inclusive of today's amenities and comforts. WiFi capabilities are available upon request.

Senesothxeune is also home to a fine and charming outdoor restaurant in the middle of the property's green gardens. Start the day off here, either with its whole hearty American breakfast menu or its Lao Don Khong breakfast option. Lunch and dinner is also served, with international and local menus available. The restaurant specializes in fresh fish dishes straight out of the Mekong River.

Senesothxeune Hotel is the perfect accommodation to further enhance the chilled-out atmosphere at Don Khong. There surely is nothing like a home away from home feel amidst a riverside, garden filled and hospitable atmosphere.


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Senesothxeune Hotel Restaurant - outdoor dining amongst the property's green gardens with local and international fares

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Senesothxeune Hotel is located approximately 40 kilometers from Pakse and 50 kilometers from the Pakse airport.

Senesothxeune Hotel address: Ban Khang Khong, Khong District, Champasak, Laos

Who should go?

Senesothxeune Hotel is the perfect accommodation for those looking to get away from it all. The tranquil and serene environment on Don Khong is perfectly suited for this. The resort lacks facilities that many hotels and boutique properties may boast, but for those looking for nothing more than a peaceful time away from the stress of their daily lives, the property is a more than adequate option.

Season/When to go?

Laos has a monsoon climate featuring a dry and a wet season. The dry season in Southern Laos lasts from November to April with the cooler period in December and January. At its coldest, temperatures can fall low as 17ºC. During the hot period of the dry season, between March and May, temperatures can reach the high 30's. The monsoon season usually lasts from May to October and produces severe rain that lasts for short periods of time with August being the wettest month in Pakse.

Location/Where is it?

Senesothxeune Hotel is on Don Khong, an unspoiled small island in the middle of the Mekong River in Southern Laos. The famous pre-Angkorian temple of Wat Phou is a 20 minute boat ride away, while the town of Pakse can be reached by boat and road transfer in approximately one hour.

Specialty/What's not to be missed?

A bike ride around the island. A boat trip across the Mekong to majestic Wat Phou. Relaxing by the soothing sound of the Mekong River's waters.

Food/What's cooking?

Set amongst the property's green gardens, the property's restaurant serves up a delectable array of Lao and even Western dishes. The breakfast is a can't miss, with the familiar American variety on hand as well as the local Don Khong breakfast option. Fish dishes are a specialty here

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